THE Dating App for Divorced / Separated (Single!) Parents, PlayDate w/ Founder Nevine Coutry - Ep28 DCP

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Hey Listeners 👋,
Welcome to the (sometimes scary) world of Dating After Divorce / Separation! In this episode of the DCP, Tom & Fay talk to Nevine Coutry, Founder & CEO of THE UK's Dating App for single parents, PlayDate
Nevine is a divorced single mum living in London, with the "single" world at her feet, you'd like to think a potential endless possibility of opportunities to date being in the big City would mean she'd have no problems finding a new person to share her life with... So did she, but alas the world of dating after divorce comes with a multitude of considerations, obstacles, new tech you've probably never used before, and even new dating etiquette for that matter!
Now throw in a divorce and a kid or two, and it becomes completely understandable why so many worry or stay away from dating altogether!
The canny thinker and innovator Nevine is, she decided to build the type of single / divorced parenting dating app she wanted but couldn't find 💭. Even in these very modern times, there were none focused on single/divorced parents when she started out! 🤯 I know right! Madness! Especially when there was already a dating app/site for almost every conceivable taste, interest, topic, kink, age, etc out there, Nevine couldn't find 1 single (no pun intended) app properly focused on the needs, hopes and uniqueness that is required for single / divorced parent dating... So she made one... PlayDate 🙌🎉🎊🥳
To find out more about the fantastic, simplistic and some might even have said obvious, yet frankly hadn't been done yet, Dating App, have a listen to this.
Whether you are looking for 💖
Friendship 🤝
Someone to share an uninterrupted adult meal with 🍽️🍷 (without eating the leftover cold and soggy chicken nuggets that is!)
This App has everything a single / divorced parent needs... So much so they are even teamed up with Bubble, the UK's #1 babysitting & nanny booking app! So you can mingle and meet your new Mr/Ms/Nonbinary Right and get the sitter sorted all in one go 👌
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If you have any questions or comments for Nevine, please do pop them in the comments box or DM Tom 📧
Enjoy and thanks for listening 🎧

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