Support Through Court - FREE Divorce Support w/ Lana Afaneh - Ep27 Divorce Coaching Podcast

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Hey Listeners 👋,
In our last few episodes of The Divorce Coaching Podcast, we have been looking at the different ways and resources to help you and your fellow co-parent manage and transition through this phase of divorce/separation in relation to your children. We still have a few more episodes coming up on the CoParenting front but, I also wanted to bring you something fresh and unfortunately, not very well known of in the process of your divorce and legal proceedings!
In the UK, Legal Aid has become increasingly difficult to secure for lower income families and individuals. But there are other options to help secure that support and knowledgeable resource without having to spend 10's of £0,000's... By getting in touch with an organisation such as "Support Through Court", a charity dedicated to helping assist those facing legal proceedings with FREE yes FREE support through court process.
In this episode of the DCP, Fay & I talk to Lana Afaneh, the Assistant Manager for the Birmingham branch, as she tells us all about the different types of help this amazing charity can offer.
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Enjoy and thanks for listening 🎧
Fay & Tom

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