Surrogacy & Donor Conception - w/ Natalie Sutherland, Mr Divorce Coach & Fay Petcher - The Divorce Coaching Podcast Ep19

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Hey Listeners 👋,
The Divorce Coaching Podcast has yet another amazing guest for you this week, the effervescent and happy smiley Surrogacy Family Law superstar that is Natalie Sutherland.
Natalie is a Partner at Burgess Mee Family Law and a hugely respected specialist in Surrogacy & Donor Conception.
She shares lots of knowledge both emotional and practical in this episode, about what to expect and the trials and tribulations one might go through during this process.
As Natalie says herself, Surrogacy & Donor Conception is a uniquely and lovely part of Family Law where you actually get to help clients make their family rather than the other way round.
Thank you for listening and please do leaver us a comment with your thoughts and feelings on this episode, we'd love to hear from anyone who has been through this process and to hear your story.
You can get in touch with myself, Fay or Natalie with the details shared below.

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