Kids Talk Divorce - What Do They Think? Feel? Want? Experience - Ep17 The Divorce Coaching Podcast

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Hey Listeners 🎧
Ep17 of the Divorce Coaching Podcast is quite a special one indeed. This week it's just me and 2 of my 4 blended family beauties, Zac & Sam joined me in the yellow chair to give us some insights into what it's like being a child of divorce 😍
These two young gentlemen came out with some absolutely gems, they clearly do listen to me sometimes as they are dropping verbal bombs about going through "transformations" and more (mic drop for the boys) 🎤
Zac & Sam are "step" siblings, they have been in each others lives since summer 2017, They goo between our home and the alternate parents home (anyone that follows me knows, our ex's are a couple as well, so in each home they always have 1 bio & 1 non-bio parent).
I set them some questions before we recorded, they collaborated and discussed their thoughts and worked out their answers between them. But other than that it was completely live, unplanned and really really insightful.
The boys share their experiences of living between two homes.
What they like / don't like.
The ups and downs.
What it's like for kids when Mum & Dad split up.
And also what it's like when Mum & Dad truly put their kids first and make the effort and find a way to work together for the better of their children.
Zac & Sam, thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your thoughts, feelings and experiences. You boys are so brave for doing this. They have asked for our audiences thoughts and questions you have from this episode and they'll be back again in t he future to answer your questions in another future episode.
This episode is dedicate to Leonie, Will, Zac & Sam. My beautiful blended 4.
Love you.
Love you more.
Lost you most.
To find out more about our story and how working with me as your Divorce Coach can help you and your family move forward to a better place, get in touch with me below.
Thanks for watching
Mr Divorce Coach

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