EP#236: How Meagan Transformed Her Life in 90 Days (& how you can too)

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In this episode, we talk to Coach Abby and our client, Meagan, who has had an INSANE 90 days!

I wanted to do this because when you hear from someone who has a life just like you—the same stressors, history, and struggles—you can find hope when you hear how they overcame obstacles that you also experience.

Meagan has been dieting for the past decade, she had zero confidence and zero success. She had tons of bad habits and her struggles bled into other areas of her life, her work, her relationships, and her happiness.

Over the past three months, Meagan’s relationship with food has been completely transformed. She’s happier and is losing inches while feeling better and eating more.

I think you’re really going to love this episode!

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