196: Can you dance sober? Neil from House of Happiness

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This weeks podcast guest is Neil from House of Happiness,
Can you still dance sober (yes!)
Most of you know that way back in 1991 I had a Top Ten hit record with Cola Boy (7 Ways to Love) I never stopped loving the dance / house / rave scene, I just didn't like grungy late night clubs that felt unsafe (even if they were inclusive for those of us (ahem) who are a bit older.
London's Newest Sober Clubbing Sesh is just a few weeks away - have YOU booked your tickets?! For us rock n roll types you will be pleased to know you can still be tucked up in bed, its a daytime event!
On Saturday 17 September, The House of Happiness is swinging its doors open for the first time to bring you A RAVE TO REMEMBER! Running from 12pm - 5pm at ELECTROWERKZ - one of London's coolest, most inclusive & alternative venues - you can expect the best night OUT OUT... but during the day!!
Grab your tickets with a discount
The team are so excited to see you on the dancefloor and they're offering The Sober Club members a super generous 20% off tickets. Use the code THESOBERCLUB20 at the checkout. Head on over to Eventbrite to grab your tickets and to read more about the event: https://the-house-of-happiness-housewarming-sept2022.eventbrite.co.uk
Let me know if you're coming, and maybe we will do a Sober Club meet up late afternoon locally
Interested in being a Sober / selfcare coach?
DM me @janeyleegrace or email janey @janeyleegrace.com

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