How Can Gait Analysis Help Runners with Jessica Bruce and Trevor Prior

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#Ep.35: Gait Analysis with Jess Bruce and Trevor Prior In this Gait Analysis Special with legendary podiatrist Trevor Prior and run3D founder Dr. Jessica Leitch (Bruce), we discuss the role of Gait Analysis in treating musculoskeletal overuse injuries. How much of what a runner expects from Gait Analysis can actually be delivered? To what extent does ever advancing technology help runners minimise injury and maximise performance? *APOLOGIES as sound quality is not perfect this episode! Jessica Bruce & the Run3D team are one of the exhibitors at the 'RCL International Running Conference' taking place this 30/31st October in Brighton (UK). They will have live treadmill Gait Analysis demo throughout the conference showing their exclusive software system used by clinics across the UK. Conference Tickets for Therapists, Students, Runners & Virtual (live stream & post recording) are available at: BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE CHAPTER MARKERS (availability will depend on what app you are listening on.) As with all episodes of RunChatLive, this episode was recorded LIVE on video at All episodes are later made available on YouTube and as podcasts on Spotify, iTunes, Podbean, Stitcher, etc. For more details, visit * * * * WANT TO SUPPORT THE PODCAST? * * * * The success of a podcast ultimately boils down to how much Apple advertises it, which is heavily based on ratings & reviews. A huge thanks to those of you who have left ratings and reviews! If you'd like to help us, do please take two minutes to leave a rating & review on Apple Podcasts or iTunes. iPhone users can do it from the app on your phone, android users need to go to iTunes on a laptop/pc. Thanks in advance!

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