Episode 85: Falling in Love Again… with Worldbuilding Ft SARA MUELLER

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Where's the love? It makes the world(building) go 'round and 'round and 'round... At least, it does when things are going well! In this episode, guest Sara Mueller joins us to discuss how to get yourself re-engaged with your fantasy worlds when you've drifted away from them, for one reason or another.

When you've gotten jaded, what can bring you back in? Do you cling to a particular detail of life that fascinates you? Return to the map and start filling in the blank spaces? Pivot to another project, read a book outside your genre, or binge a TV show? And when might it be important to allow yourself to have a fallow period rather than trying to force productivity?

Transcript for Episode 85 (in-progress -- to join our scribing team, email us!)

Our Guest: A seamstress and horsewoman, Sara A. Mueller writes speculative fiction in the green and rainy Pacific Northwest, where she lives with her family, numerous recipe books, and a forest of fountain pens.

In a nomadic youth, she trod the earth of every state but Alaska and lived in six of them.

She’s an amateur historical costumer, gamer, and cook.

The Bone Orchard is her debut novel, from Tor Books.

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