Expressions with "off" - Part 2

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1) My favorite radio show host had a heart attack and now he’s off the air.

2) I don’t like off road vehicles. They’re bad for the environment.

3) What do baseball players do in the off season?

4) It’s better to wash your laundry during off peak hours.

5) I don’t see roast duck. Did they take it off the menu?

6) Who let that guy off his leash?

7) You don’t look very happy.

—I’m not. My boss chewed my ears off.

8) Stop goofing off and get back to work!

9) What happened to Mario?

—I think he was bumped off by the mob.

10) Buzz off! Can’t you see I’m busy

11) My best friend waltzed off with my fiancee.

12) I’m swearing off alcohol. That was my last drink.

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