013: Why Structure Is Powerful When Making Decisions In Complexity with Samantha Rush

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We all make decisions but how often do we consciously think about how to make good decisions? Ask a group of people to make a decision together and it either gets more challenging or people look for the quickest means of reaching an agreement. In this episode of Thriving in Complexity, Susanne chats with Samantha Rush about why structure is powerful when making decisions in complexity.
Samantha is currently studying for her Ph.D. in decision-making. She knows from her research that using a structured process encourages individual contributions from team members, and helps to surface minority and diverse opinions that might otherwise be missed.
Making use of a structured process in decision-making amplifies the quality and the quantity of information available to teams before they make a decision. If this sparks your curiosity and you want to learn how you can utilize a structured process in decision-making, make sure you listen to the episode.
  • What most people don't know about Samantha (01:40)
  • The structured process of decision-making in teams (05:19)
  • How to make decisions in complex situations (07:55)
  • Powerful techniques to employ in structured decision-making (10:02)
  • Why it's important for every team member to be heard and seen (11:48)
  • Three things to consider when making decisions (13:45)
  • What are The Marvellous Women cards and Samantha's inspiration behind them (21:00)
  • The connection between Marvellous Women cards and thriving in complexity (23:37)
  • What does Thriving in Complexity mean for Samantha (29:52)
  • Advice to her 25-year-old self (32:30)
  • The value of making conscious decisions (34:50)
"Thriving in complexity means finding a way to make movement around constraints." - Samantha Rush
"Don't limit yourself, think bigger." - Samantha Rush
"Just because you have access to something and you know that it works, doesn't necessarily mean that you're going to get the benefit of it." - Samantha Rush

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