012: How The Universe Exacted Revenge When I Launched A Podcast

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Susanne’s experiences on a recent trip suggest that the universe has a sense of humour when it exacted revenge after she launched the podcast.
In this episode of the Thriving in Complexity podcast, Susanne provides a simple definition of complexity and shares a story about how the universe decided to teach her a lesson in complexity.
Even if you don’t realise it, complexity is a part of life. It affects how your decisions - from the small to the large - are made. With understanding and practice, you can learn to find your way through complexities and thrive despite them.
So what are you waiting for? Join Susanne on this journey of learning about the different ways of managing in the face of complexity. Gain insights and find out how to thrive in a complex world.
  • Susanne’s definition of complexity (01:13)
  • How a series of random events can create a complex situation (02:04)
  • What is the complexity theory, and how can it affect you (10:59)
“A series of random events can all join up to create a very complex situation.” -Susanne
“Complexity is what emerges from the interactions between different parts of a system or interactions between systems.” -Susanne

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