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Welcome to The Vital Goddess Podcast! Hi, I'm Dianne Shepherd, certified holistic sexuality coach with a specialty in the Taoist Jade Egg Practice. In this show we explore an empowering reframe on women, menopause, midlife and beyond. I call midlife and menopause the Passion Portal; a sexual and spiritual rebirth into the richest, most creative, and sexiest chapter of a woman's life. I offer a body/mind/spirit and trauma-informed perspective on Taoist and Tantric practices, somatic sensual healing, and desire-based living. Here we explore all things that support you in reclaiming your pleasure, nourishing your libido naturally, tapping into the power of your Sacred Femme and rebirthing your life at midlife. Your sexual energy is not just about sex. It's the foundation of everything. And midlife is the perfect time to cultivate it.

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