PlayStation Showcase Predictions l Sony Will Offer Horizon Forbidden West PS4 to PS5 Free Upgrade l Alan Wake Remastered Leaks

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This week on The Trophy Room a PlayStation Show hosts Joseph and Kyletalking about their predictions for the PlayStation Showcase that get revealed for September. With some big surprises and PlayStation first-party exclusives to be shown. Is this PlayStation State of Play going to match up to Xbox E3 Showcase 2021. WIll we see Spider-Man 2 on PS5 get revealed, will God of War Ragnarok in next be revealed. Rumors of a SOCOM remake, a soft Uncharted Reboot, or Naughty Dogs Last of Us Part 2 Factions. Will they finally reveal that Abandoned is actually Silent Hill?

Horizon Forbidden West Pre-orders are live and have hit a bit of drama but PlayStation has confirmed that PS4 to PS5 upgrades will be free for PlayStation 4 players. Kyle and Joe talk about the Digital Deluxe, Collector's, and Ragalla editions.

Alan Wake Remastered are going to land on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 gets leaked out before the announcement. Norman Reedus accidentally reveals that Kojima and PlayStation are in talks for a Death Stranding sequel.

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