Bonus: Feeling Seen in Order to Thrive

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Welcome back to another mini-episode of The Inspired Biz Podcast.

Do you feel invisible, even where you know your role is vital? It may be hard to express how you feel when you aren't truly seen. If you are female, male, a mom, or even a single individual, it doesn't matter. I believe that our desire as humans is to be seen and known. Let's dig right in!

If you feel like you're spinning your wheels trying to do for others, and you don't feel seen or appreciated. This episode is for you.

"If we as parents can help model empathy and show that to our kids, they are much more equipped for that next season of life or the relationship. If kids can start to grasp that, that is a skill imperative to all areas of life." - Amber Weyrauch.

If you want to connect beyond this show, visit me on Instagram, shoot me a DM or go to my website and book a discovery call. I would love to chat about how you try to model empathy or how you express your need to be appreciated. If you are struggling with this, I am here to support you!

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