The Flip Side #65 - Love Island AUS S3 Cast Ronni Krongold Shares Life Inside The Villa & Why He Left Law School

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In today’s episode, we are joined by "Love Island Australia" Season 3 cast member Ronni Krongold. Ronni takes us through his entire experience inside the Love Island villa. He also spills some behind-the-scenes secrets and some unfiltered moments and stories about his life before and after the reality show. Join Andy, Krishn, and Ronni in today’s episode of the Flip Side, “Love Island AUS S3 Cast Ronni Krongold Shares Life Inside The Villa & Why He Left Law School”.

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00:00 Intro
00:50 Meet Ronni From Love Island Australia
02:10 Youngest Person In The Villa
02:55 Life Outside The Villa
04:50 Reality vs Expectations
06:00 How To Pick Up Girls
08:10 Pros & Cons Of Living In A Bubble
10:00 Ryan & Ari’s Relationship
11:10 Life After The Show
12:10 Ronni As Himself
13:30 Getting Recognised In Public
14:45 Attracting The Right Crowd
17:10 Going Into Selective High School
18:50 Who’s Ronni Before Love Island
20:55 The Perfect Timing
21:20 The Love Island Application Process
23:00 First Time On Cam Experience
24:05 The Confidence Factor
26:10 Guitar vs Piano
27:50 Taking Dance Lessons
29:00 The Art Of Dancing
30:20 Mental Health Support Network
32:10 Mental Reset
34:30 The Difference in Mindsets
37:30 Krishn’s Cafe Ambition
39:00 The Criminal Law Teacher
41:00 The Areas Of Law
42:00 Why Ronni Left Law School
43:20 A Win-Win Situation
43:40 High School Friends
44:20 $10,000 Bitcoin Miner
46:40 Why I Chose Ari Over Courtney
48:10 Loyal Fan Base
50:00 All Love, No Hate
51:25 The Die-Hard Fans

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