The Flip Side #64 - Buying & Selling Websites (7-Figure Portfolio) w/Michael Bereslavsky

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Michael Bereslavsky, the CEO & Founder of Domain Magnate is our special guest for today. In this episode, Michael shares his expertise in website investing, SEO, and his life in Chiang Mai. He also gives valuable lessons on how to start a business and how to scale it. These and more on episode 64 of The Flip Side Podcast!

Join Andy and Krishn in another exciting journey to the Flip Side!

Get in touch with Michael Bereslavsky!

00:00 Intro
00:23 Meet Michael Bereslavsky
01:20 Living In Chiang Mai, Thailand
02:20 The Beginning of Domain Magnate
04:00 Building A Proven Formula
08:45 The $13,000 Cheque
11:00 Investing In Cryptocurrency
12:50 How To Find Websites To Buy
14:35 The Domain Magnate’s Criteria
16:00 Finding The Best Deals
18:30 Google Adsense CPM Performance
19:30 Why People Buy Websites
22:10 The Website Portfolio Approach
23:10 Why Online Businesses Are Not Passive Incomes
25:55 Focusing On Google’s Organic Traffic
26:50 Google Algorithm Updates
27:40 How Does SEO Work
29:05 Why Backlinks Are Important
30:00 How to increase Your Website’s Organic Traffic
31:30 How To Keep Up With Google Algorithm Changes
32:33 How To Find The Best SEO Specialist
35:50 Domain Magnate’s Support Program
37:05 SEO Hiring Process
39:25 The Website Maintenance Team
41:55 Domain Magnate Scaling Strategy
44:10 The Future Of Domain Magnate
46:30 Outro

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