Why Your Content Strategy Is Wrong... and How to Fix It!

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How do you know your content strategy is outdated?

On today's episode, host Mark de Grasse is flying solo. With over 20 years of content creation experience, Mark has seen it all. However, what's frustrating to see is the so-called "gurus" teaching the same old content creation tactics that worked decades ago. Although what they're teaching is not wrong - heck, they work sometimes - it's backward.

Content is and will always be king. But the way we consume content has changed. So it makes sense that marketers change the way they create content. Tune in to learn what the modern content creation process looks like and how you can update your strategy to create content that meets your audience where they are.


  • Why your approach to content is backward
  • A scientific approach to content creation
  • How to flip your content creation process on its head
  • A solid content marketing strategy you can steal
  • Why keywords should not form the basis of your content
  • The future of marketing is content
  • Things to avoid when creating content


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