Referral Strategies for 2023 with Edward van der Kleijn

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If referral partnerships are so effective, what’s stopping you from turning customer relationships into referral partnerships?

On today's episode, host Mark de Grasse sits down with Edward van der Kleijn from MacroActive to discuss the power of referrals. As Edward explains, the key to referral success lies in the ask - ask your past clients to refer people in their network who might require your services. But there's a catch; you must have provided services worth giving a referral. Their reputation is on the line, and if they don't trust your ability to deliver, there's no chance you're getting that referral.

Tune in to learn the best way to ask for referrals, where to find referral partners, and how to maximize the value of all the referrals coming your way.


  • The role of referrals in business success
  • Top 3 strategies for asking for referrals
  • Using referral partners to drive results
  • How to properly screen referral partners
  • Why marketers should see themselves as business consultants
  • Are you charging enough?
  • Learn the proper way of selling
  • Why every business should have a "no a**hole policy"


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