#33 Creativity in the Events Industry with Geraldine Rey

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This week on the podcast, Carmen chats to Geraldine Rey, artist and event manager at Suzette Collective.
I've personally been to an event Geraldine organised and I can tell you now - they're AMAZING!
Geraldine also manages artists, booking them gigs around Perth and representing their label.
Geraldine is a total go-getter, and in this episode of The Committed Creative podcast, we discuss:

  • How she moved from graphic designer to event manager
  • How she found her business partner and tips for making a partnership thrive.
  • Running an events company through COVID.
  • How clear and quick communication with clients has helped Suzette Collective to build a strong reputation.
  • Finding talent to represent in the Perth music industry.
  • The importance of believing in the talent you support so that promoting them is easy.
  • How the musicians and entrepreneurs in her family inspired her to tread her own path.
  • What tools she uses to run her business.

If you want to learn more about Geraldine, you can find her at www.suzettecollective.com.


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