Creating a Great Culture in the Workplace - Joel and Dr. Greg

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Joel and Greg talk about the art of creating a great culture in the workplace.
People will always differentiate the great cultures from the poor.
"Culture is an aroma that people will pick up immediately."

What does a great culture include?

  • A great vision of engagement
  • People with a great atttitude. Only 32% of all workers really enjoy their work.
  • An engaged workplace is a joyful workplace. Fun doesn't cut it long term.
  • Engagement creates opportunities.

A cross-section of our average workplace in the US.

  • 30% are engaged and experiencing joy in their work (investors)
  • 50% are present and performing, but not growing (traders)
  • 20% are unsatisfied and passively compromising or actively searching for other opportunities (takers)

How do I create a culture filled with engages team members?

  • Open the front door, recruit and hire more of the top 30%(investors).
  • Close the back door, help the middle 50% to grow to become investors.
  • Open the back door and release the bottom 20%, the takers.

As leaders what can we do?

  • Get our and engage with our people.
  • Provide for our people with great pay and benefits.
  • Develop the relational componants that attract and retain great people

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