Marijuana in Modern America

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By Ethan Perel-Wertman and Joel Feinerman

Marijuana in Modern America is an engaging podcast that takes the listener on a journey through the issue of marijuana legalization. Hosted by Joel Feinerman and Ethan Perel-Wertman, the podcast opens with the hosts providing an overview of the issue. Addressing things like the history of marijuana, social justice, and policy issues that surround marijuana.

Ethan and Joel are joined for this podcast by Professor M. Shadee Malaklou, a Professor of Critical Identity Studies at Beloit College who provides her expert opinion on the social justice aspect of marijuana laws and legalization. They are also joined by Professor Georgia Duerst-Lahti, a Professor of Political Science at Beloit College who provides her expert opinion on the policy aspect of marijuana laws and legalization. Finally, the hosts are joined by two anonymous Beloit College students, who provide a lay person’s perspective on drug culture here on campus and on the issue of legalization.

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