Affirmative Action

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By Hannah Klintworth
In this podcast, I briefly examine marginalized groups within the context of current and past America to clarify why affirmative action exists, discuss the history of affirmative action and its history in the Supreme Court, as well as touch on some of the controversies surrounding the topic. In addition, I analyze and consider how successful affirmative action is in making up for past discrimination and helping underrepresented individuals by weighing in on the opinions of Mauricio Sosa, Edward Stern, and Erin Shea, three fellow Beloit College students who answer questions such as: Is affirmative action effective in assisting women and ethnic minorities? Can it be improved? Is there a more effective method to address inequalities?
Fox News Interview with Donald Trump:
Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity:
Anti-Discrimination or Reverse Discrimination: The Impact of Changing Demographics, Title VII and Affirmative Action on Productivity by Jonathan Leonard:
Madeline Heilman, Caryn Block, and Jonathan Lucas:
Will Affirmative-Action Policies Eliminate Negative Stereotypes? By Stephen Coate and Glenn C. Loury:
The Real Impact of Eliminating Affirmative Action in American Law Schools: An Empirical Critique of Richard Sander’s Study by David Chambers, Timothy Clydesdale, William Kidder and Richard Lempert
The Effect Of Affirmative Action Bans on College Enrollment, Educational Attainment, and the Demographic Composition of Universities by Peter Hinrichs:
Associated Press Interview with Barack Obama:
Reprise de “Rythme is love” (instrumental) Santapiro (Soundtrack):
Chasing the Sun Matt Stevens (Soundtrack):

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