#81 Bravo's Kirsten Jordan of Million Dollar Listing New York

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This is a live show from Instagram and Facebook! Welcome back to spirituality and self love in the modern world podcast, I am your host Bernadette Balla. I am a huge fan of Kirsten Jordan, the first female lead to star on Million Dollar Listing New York. She is here today and I only have 30 minutes with her so I am going to jam pack as many questions as I can. Kirsten, very surreal to see you in front me, i gotta pinch myself a couple of times, how are you feeling today? What have you been up to?

  1. What got you into real estate and how long ago did you get started?
  2. Let's get right into it: How were you originally cast on "Million Dollar Listing New York"?
  3. What inspired you to do the show?
  4. What would you say is your biggest strength as an agent?
  5. What is the most unexpected or funniest thing to happen while filming so far?
  6. On an earlier episode this season, Tyler reached out to you and apologized for his part in any conflict. Was there anything in particular that brought that on?
  7. Ryan Serhant is having a big year, branching out with his own company. What is your relationship like with Ryan Serhant?
  8. How did you actually start to get all of these huge and expensive listings?
  9. How difficult is it to get your job done when you’re being filmed for MDLNY?
  10. Who was your biggest competition this season who inspired you to sell more?
  11. Why do you think the show is such a success with audiences?
  12. It's been interesting with things opening up in New York City. What would you think is the biggest surprise — real estate-wise — since things have begun to sort of reopen?
  13. Incredible. In light of that, do you think there's any sort of newly-evolving trends in the high-end market, as normalcy returns and people are clamoring for listings and everything?
  14. What's your best negotiating tactic for those clients that are hard to please?
  15. Do you feel like you're gonna stay with the show moving forward? I mean, obviously, you have your own gig with real estate, but you're now a reality show star, too — so how does that change the game?

You can find Kirsten on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/kirsten.jordan and her website: https://kirstenjordan.com/

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