RQG Epilogue - Part 3

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Join Alex, Helen, Bryn, Lydia, and Ben as they come to the end of our tale.

This week Cel remembers the funeral, Hamid has an announcement, Zolf shares some... writing, Azu will spend the day with her friends, and they all lived happily ever after.

Content Notes:

  • Alcohol & food consumption
  • Innuendo
  • Discussions of: character deaths, grief & loss
  • Mentions of: human remains & funerals, violence
  • SFX: wind & water, fire, clinking, occasional bangs

Editing this week by Lowri Ann Davies, Tessa Vroom, and Cathy Rinella.

SFX this week by nathanaellentz, SamuelGremaud, surrey_film, GeorgeHopkins, cribbler, ninjaotter, kyles, tia666, DrMaysta, "Book, Flipping Through Pages, A.wav" by InspectorJ (www.jshaw.co.uk), adcbicycle, Joao_Janz, Rodincoil, PatrickLieberkind, adgawrhbshbffsfgvsrf, Eelke, nettimato, CBJ_Student, daveincamas, barbara.raposo, Mega-X-stream, and previously credited artists via Freesound.org. Sound effect "Crystal Glasses Ding Cheers 1" by TunePocket – Unlimited royalty free music and sound effects for video creators.

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