213. Remember This Crap? - 1990 Cubs - Pointless Exercise Podcast

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The Cubs followed up a division title in 1989 by hosting the worst Home Run Derby of all time, and a rain delayed, mostly boring All-Star Game. Ryne Sandberg and Andre Dawson had good years, Mark Grace was pretty good and that was about it. They didn't sign any free agents, the only veteran they added was Dave Clark and amazingly just running back the same team from a year before didn't quite work out. They rushed their first round pick to the big leagues just weeks after the draft and he was never heard from again. The season started late because of a lockout (sound familiar), Mitch Williams walked everybody, Rick Sutcliffe got hurt again, and the opening day crowd was hilarious (wait until you hear the money.) Oh, and for no apparent reason there are a few minutes of Bears at the beginning and end of the podcast.

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