212. Trade Deadline Extravaganza - Pointless Exercise Baseball Podcast

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As David Brown and I wrapped up our discussion of this year's trade deadline and the winners and losers (mostly the Cubs), we found out that Vin Scully died. So the podcast actually starts with a few minutes of us remembering Vin, including his great open to game one of the the 1989 NLCS. Then we get to the deadline talk and try to figure out just what the hell the Cubs were doing, how it makes any sense for them to not trade Willson Contreras and how the Juan Soto trade to the Padres might have screwed up the Cubs plans. We also talk about why Jed couldn't come up with more than plan in the first place. We also try to figure out why the White Sox didn't do anything, what the Brewers and Cardinals were trying to accomplish and we invent a new pre-game routine for Tony LaRussa and Andrew Vaughn. All that, and more.

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