Midwest Radio - Weekly Gardening Advice Show 25/09/2021

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Climbing plants are a great gardening staple at this time of year, with many coming into their own as temperatures dip. On this programme Paraic explains about the transition from green to autumnal colours and looks at some of great climbing options in detail. There's discussion on clematis winter beauty, pyracantha, passion flower, varietgated ivy and others with recommendations for planting right now. There's also information on taking cuttings from begonias, an in depth look at pruning apple trees and super tips rejuvenating old hydrangea plants. Questions from listeners addressed in this episode include caring for Arthur Bell roses, overwintering angels wings, olive trees and geraniums, suggestions for window boxes at this time of year, changing the soil in tulip pots, counteracting weeds in a new lawn and suggestions for plants on graves that will endure through winter.

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