Midwest Radio - Weekly Gardening Advice Show 02/10/2021

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This week Paraic tells us about a community initiative in Kiltimagh and a meithel gathering for the purpose of planting up a bank with biodiversity plants for the local community. The programme focuses in on what people can be doing at the moment in the garden. For those with a love of garlic, now is the ideal time to plant and Paraic explains about the long growing season and takes us through some of the different variety, both while and purple, currently available. There's a reminder about planting autumn veg, and steps invovled in getting a composter up and running. There's advice on when and where to plant thuja, moving a pheasant berry bush, replacing leylandii hedging, and propogating favourite plants including using a cutting ball. Listeners questions this week include pruning back and treating roses for capsid bugs, problems with slow flowering cyclamen, how to prevent potatoe blight remaining in soil, suggestions for plants for a winter wedding, problems with dwarf pampas greass and treating liverwort.

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