Midwest Radio - Weekly Gardening Advice Show 10/10/2020

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Autumn planting is highly advisible for hedging and for those who are planning a hedge right now this week's programme highlights the importance of selecting the right type of plant to suit the particular location. Paraic gives some excellent tips on matching different hedges with different environments and he emphasises the benefit of putting hedging plants in now thereby allowing them to get established over the winter months. Tulip planting is another key task to focus on at the moment and Paraic discussed some of the different varieties avaialable. There's information on repotting houseplants, planting carrots in raised beds, growing potato vines, pruning back blackberries and sowing lilies. Listeners questions in this programme include saving geraniums for next year, splitting mother-in-laws tongue, building a walipini (sunken greenhouse) in Ireland, treatment of nostuck, pruing back mop head hydrangeas, moving a bed of carpet roses and overwintering angels wing plants.

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