Midwest Radio - Weekly Gardening Advice Show 17/10/2020

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Autumn colour is really vibrant this year and in this programme Paraic explains the science on how the drop in temperatures affects plant sugars creating this annual visual display. There is a reminder of key garden tasks that can be done right now, and a look at some alium vegetables including onions, garlic and shallots that can all be planted during October. There's winter colour on offer from winter heathers and hellebores which can be underplanted with spring bulbs. Viburnum also provides colour during the darker winter months, and wallflowers and tulips provide great companion planting options for spring. Paraic advised on the practicalities of pruning and looked at evergreen as well as deciduous plants for those wishing to cut back and tidy up shrubs and trees both big and small. Listeners questions include planting blackcurrants from pots, ground covering perrenials for seaside locations, planting lavedner, moving pyracantha, the advantages and benefits of raised beds and the care of bayleaf standards.

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