Episode 749: He Brought You Out to Bring You In | Elder William Jackson

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Has Yahweh brought you out? If so, for what purpose? What has Yahweh done for you to bring you from where you were, to where you are now, and to where He’s taking you? Many great moves in the Kingdom of Elohim happened when someone or a group of people were called out, brought out or put out. Why did Yahweh bring you out?
• Opportunities for Growth
• Genesis 3 - Adam and Eve were put out
• Don’t Throw All Your Stuff Away
• Genesis 12 - You began to look for Him
• Genesis 22 - Instapot/Air Fryer Generation
• Exodus 3 - Here I Am!
• Matthew 3 - I thought I had arrived
• Matthew 22 - What’s your excuse?
• When people look at you, what do they see?
• Are you attired properly?
• Distracted?
• Paper in the parking lot
• The Mikvah Declarations
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