Networking In The Music Industry

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Josh Simons is a well-known songwriter and Co-Founder/CEO at Vampr, the world’s largest social network for musicians with over 1 million users. He was recently named in The Music Network’s “30 Under 30” list, and has shared credits with the biggest names in music including Travis Scott, Troye Sivan and Kanye West.

Josh is passionate about helping musicians understand some of the best ways to market themselves and make connections across the industry today. He’s also eager to talk about his own experience as a musician and songwriter, and how he navigated the often-complicated scene. Of course, he’s also an expert in music technology and how it can unleash great potential within the industry.

Today, Josh is discussing networking in the music industry and all things Vampr. Anyone wanting to develop better connections in the industry will learn a lot from this episode!

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