How To Grow Your Fanbase on TikTok

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Cooper Alan is an up-and-coming country artist who has over 8.5 million followers across all social platforms and has over 80 million streams. He has multiple singles to each the #1 on iTunes Chart multiple times.

Cooper Alan has always loved country music and played music throughout college. After his time in college, he moved to Nashville where he met Victoria Shaw, hit songwriter for names like Garth Brooks, Ricky Martin, Lady A, and many more. She signed Cooper quickly to a publishing deal.

In 2020, Cooper started to introduce his music to social media through TikTok. Over the course of fourteen months, he amassed 3.4 million followers, over 250 thousand Instagram followers, three No. 1 singles on iTunes, and 35 million digital streams.

In this episode, Cooper will be sharing his experience as a country and artist and how to grow a fanbase on TikTok.

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