38: Finding Peace in Our Own Creative Process with Amy Mattila

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Do you feel like you're not creative? Are you missing getting back into your own vibrant creative spirit or flow? Have you just felt like you've been on go mode or autopilot lately?
Join us for an inspiring conversation around how we can all tap into the creative process toward peace and balance with Screenwriter, Director, People Watcher and Health Coach Amy Mattila (NBC-HWC, B.A.).

Amy shares how she creates space for that balance, her joys in people watching and so much more about how the creative process keeps her fueled and away from "just being a passenger in life."
There is great permission around how the process can be fun, not too serious or hard to do, and that creativity can show up in our own special ways that we don't expect. We don't have to be brilliant painters or screenwriters or novelists for the energy to come forth! Perhaps your creative spark is in the kitchen, in how you take time with your kids, or in how you notice the colors in your neighborhood for even a moment. The invitation awaits in this episode to reconnect with how energy flows through you and gets your attention with what you want to create!
Find sweet tips for getting back to or beginning your own creative process (in addition to the joys of people watching!):
-when you're feeling stuck give yourself permission to rest
-trust the seasons when you're feeling busy
-when you feel blocked; try out an intention or prayer before sleep to set the stage for the next day
-allowing, not striving, not forcing so you can restore
If you fear it's already been done, or perhaps your work won't be good enough, there's affirmation here about what gets to come through uniquely as YOURS that benefits us all when you trust it to come forth.
For Group and Individual
Coaching with Host Shannon Bodie (Arnett), NBC-HWC, MA, CEHP, RYT-500
Director Inner Peace Rising, LLC,
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Work with Amy in the Creative Process or your own wellness journey:

You'll also hear references to great resources in this episode:
"Big Magic," by Elizabeth Gilbert
"Think Up" Affirmation App for recording affirmations in our own voice

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