34: Where are You OK Right Now?

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If you've been striving, pushing, punishing, trying, self improving, working on evolving....pause, this episode is all yours!
You are enough right now friends, here's a tribute to you just as you are.
Take a listen for a fun invitation to name what's working in your life, and commend yourself on all that you've done to this point. More importantly, enjoy the moment that you've created to be here in all of your mutually shared human imperfection and messy glory!
Enjoy some wisdom from:
Mary Oliver (Wild Geese), Rumi (The Guest House), and Kristin Neff, Ph.D. (www.selfcompassion.org) as well as Shannon's Guided Practice to sit with the parts of you that crave acceptance and permission the most!
Program note: You'll hear yours truly (Shannon:) reference episode 33 at the intro, don't worry you're in the right place for episode 34!
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Support the show (http://www.innerpeacerising.com)

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