Ep #742 - Making The Decision To Go For It In Multifamily

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Deepa is a Real Estate investor and Multifamily Syndicator based in Seattle, WA. She was introduced to the world of Real Estate Investing when she was looking for an investment vehicle for her savings when working as an Engineer. She started investing passively in apartment communities, fell in love with the concept, and transitioned into working in real estate full time. She focuses on identifying and investing in high-performing real estate assets and is passionate about financial literacy and creating multiple passive investment streams.

  • Being Flexible & Making Changes to Follow Your Dreams
  • Private Placement Memorandums
  • Getting a Feel For The People Around You
  • The Secret To Multifamily Is Adding Value
  • The Most Common Syndications, 506b and 506c
  • Sometimes The Investor Won’t Be “The Right Fit”

To find out more about partnering or investing in a multifamily deal: Text Partner to 72345 or email Partner@RodKhleif.com

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