#107: New Season Structure

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The CrossFit Games season structure has changed again, and the qualification stage of the semi-finals is set to be more structured moving into next season. Every year since the sport stopped doing regionals, qualifying for the CrossFit Games has always looked a bit different every year. The changes moving forward look to centralise the programming back to CrossFit and some changes to the distribution and the availability of spots to the CrossFit Games.

Overall this looks like it will create more standardisation in the sport, which for athletes and coaches is a good thing. This will give more clarity on how to train, prepare and approach competition. Give this week's episode a listen to hear more about the changes from Jon, our very own human Morning Chalk Up feed, and our thoughts and anecdotes over the last several years of consistent changes.

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  • 1:30] Overview of the new changes in the CrossFit Games
  • [4:00] Positives and drawbacks to the changes
  • [5:00] The benefits of standardised programming across events
  • [6:40] Jon's experience with programming asymmetries
  • [7:40] Will the smaller semi-final events be organised and programmed by CrossFit in the future
  • [11:30] Can this make competitions more entertaining
  • [14:30] Overstretching part-time competition organisers
  • [17:00] Getting better organisation with dedicated competition staff and organisers
  • [19:00] Missed opportunities with the sanctional structure
  • [20:45] Do events make money
  • [22:30] Implications for athletes and their training
  • [25:15] Virtual shovelling and obscure events at the CrossFit games
  • [27:30] Where to fit new skills and movements into someone's training
  • [29:45] Better clarity to organise travel for athletes

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