Wednesday, January 18, 2023 - Will Shortz, THEGOAT of crossword editors!

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A wonderful Wednesday crossword, and a debut for constructor Lindsay McBride (kudos and all that!). We especially enjoyed 67A, Like matryoshka dolls, NESTED (we just like to say matryoshka); 32D, Good, in Chinese HAO (now we know!); and 24D, "_________ Flux" (1990s animated sci-fi series), AEON (because it was such a great show!). There was (much) more, and deets are inside.
Just a reminder, if you haven't solved today's puzzle and want to see the finished grid so you can follow along as you listen, then just go to, where the entire filled-out grid awaits!
Finally, remember our Triplet Tuesday Contest is going strong! Just listen to yesterday's episode, and send us your submission. Operators are standing by, so to speak :-)

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