Church closures in Scotland overturned; The Church of England - where we are now and anti-racism taskforce report; Happy Birthday Lockdown; London Protest; Hello from a Buddhist

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After the customary round of hellos, we celebrate the Church's victory in Scotland in which the unconstitutional banning of services has been overturned in the courts. We move from there to assess a document given to us by a listener that comes from the CofE Bath and Wells diocese, in which an assessment is made of the Church's performance in the pandemic and what should be taken forward from it into the future. Alongside this we consider Douglas Murray's article on the findings of the Archbishop's antiracism taskforce, which was reported on in The Spectator this week. We assess the general situation after a year of lockdown and talk briefly about the enormous protest in London on Saturday and the highly misleading press coverage. Finally, our email of the week is from a listener who is a Buddhism. Apparently Buddhism hasn't come out of this crisis any better than Christianity!
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