Finding God when the Church has failed; Vaccine Passports for all (including churches) and the new transhuman heresy; £90,000 a year "companion and critical friend" to Archbishop role

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In this week's episode, we celebrate our newly acquired number one Christian podcast in the UK status and attempt to answer some frequently asked questions and comments: What should I do if I still want to go to church and haven't got one? And the often repeated story of people either being literally excluded from churches through church closure or those who have been ostracized by the extreme, unfriendly and unwelcoming behaviour of congregations and ministers. We try to make some sense of this.
As the spectre of vaccine passports for society in general and churches in particular looms ever larger, we review some comments made by the vaccine minister this week about the subject as it pertains to churches and talk about the implications. And for a bit of light relief, we consider the possibility of a joint application for the £90,000 a year post of Chief of Staff to the Archbishop of York.
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