GE Bonus Ep [2020] - How to Run A Virtual Event That Can Outperform A LIVE In Person Event w/ Blue Melnick

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Blue Melnick runs Sage Event Management with his wife Bari Baumgardner. Sage specializes in helping speakers, authors and influencers leverage the live and virtual events to launch a 7 figure coaching business in 3 days or less. In the last 30 days, Sage has been transitioning clients from his live in-person events to virtual live events with incredible results. Over the years he's helped his clients generate over 400 million dollars in sales with live events.

During this interview we discuss:

2:24 - Blue shares his story on how he got into live events and what's going on in his transitioning to virtual live amidst the pandemic.

7:48 - Blue shares a unique still that has contributed to the success of his business.

11:17 - The difference between virtual events vs. live events and how to create a better experience virtually.

11:38 - The reasons why virtual outperforms live and why.

12:47 - The 3 main reasons why people come to live events.

13:41 - We talked about why Blue uses Zoom Meetings instead of Zoom Webinars.

20:08 - What's a "Swagbox"? and how it provides a different experience as a part of a virtual event.

22:44 - How they recreated a pre-event concierge-like process virtually and the results.

27:19 - Blue shares his favorite growth tool/software.

28:18 - He recommended one of his favorite books to us.

PLUS a whole lot more!!!

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