GE Ep 254 [2020] - How to Create a Irresistible Offer That Converts w Aditya Nagrath

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Aditya Nagrath is the founder and CEO of Elephant Learning which is a math learning platform that guarantees students will learn a full year of math in just three months in less 30 minutes per week. Dr Nagrath bootstrapped elephant learning four years ago and has seen huge growth numbers in terms of users, market shares, revenue. He also has a PhD in Math and Computer Science has experienced as a Software Engineer at the educational giant Pearson and a continuous passion in Mathematics.

During this interview we discuss:

2:32 - Aditya shares a bit of his backstory on how and why he started his business.

05:00 - We talk about the #1 offer that led to over 14,000 paid users joining his program.

5:36 - He shares the #1 growth strategy and channel for growth.

7:17 - How to create and leveraged a "1% audience" to dramatically increase their conversions.

10:38 - We discuss the actual campaign and funnel that they used to convert Facebook users into subscribers.

12:11 - How they were able to create and test hundreds of different versions of their Facebook ads to figure out which were the highest converting.

13:39 - We discuss how ad fatique has impacted their campaigns and how they are adjusting to continue their path to further growth.

16:58 - Aditya shares his overall mission and why he launched a scholarship program to assist those who could not afford it.

22:34 - He shares his favorite growth tool/software.

22:56 - Aditya recommends one of his favorite to the audience.


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