171: How I Lost my Pregnancy Weight in 5 Months

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Madaling tumaba. Ang hirap pumayat.

Kain ako ng junk food and takeout for one week. Tataba ako ng five pounds.

Kaso parang forever para ma lose yang five pounds na yan. One year minsan two years pa.

Imagine the horror of gaining 35 lbs during pregnancy and how infuriating it is to lose that much fat.

Once Baby Marcus was born I had around 20 lbs to lose, and it was a long hard winding road. While I'm writing this I still need to lose 1.4 lbs to get back into my pre pregnancy weight, but I'm near the finish line.

In today's episode we will share with you our recent obsession we we acquired during pandemic - Meal Planning, and how it helped Prax gained back his pre pregnancy body.

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