I Am So So Gay & What...

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I'm so so gay & what My eyes twist & avert at the sight of beauty -full figured a Sis-Star & Fellow Queen Big breasts & a voluptuous backside is my preference but not my focus Because I got my wifey & goddess besides me -don't mean my mind & eyes don't work-in over time I'm just keeping it real -as I'm honest & upfront-when expose-in illumiNazi plots & plans -FEMA done got the mass graves ready As I HARRP-in on about old school conspiracies -or are they a Cons-Piracy of theories Are you hear-in me or just listen-in -are you FREE with-in yourself -aligned body mind & soul Vibrate-in at a frequency that's uniquely you -a precious Gift -in this here & now -the present -you've been blessed When so many suffer-in silence from lack of facilities & love-in care with-in the common-unity The Western world don't got no heart & soul -especially this cold arse UN-united Queendom Her majesty & fuck her -slag of a lizard -& to the John Snow pub -on reflection I bet you wish you'd allowed those guys to kiss -after all you in the middle of Soho what the flip did you expect High rents -now even harder to make -you fools -& as I look around I still see alot of homophobic behavior -we came such a long way Not -& with Racism we still fight-in an even harder fight -especially if you black & gay -why is that our Nu-Be-In Nation is so closed mind-dead & ignorant An Androgynous essence -the balance-in between positive & negative -I dance in equilibrium Like a rainbow cascading over energy -where power is in sound & sound comes from word I appreciate -the natural -elements & organic -for example to fully appreciate a Rose you need a prick A-Sexuality of No-Thing -I just am -as I be -both black & white -the best of both -& there isn't a box for me in Their Shitstyem You want me to tick -& fit a statistic -single mother & black lesbian aged 35 to 40 Fuck that -I'm FREE -in spirit & soul -& Laylay with-in my Non-Sense of time-in -for I live by Instinct & Intuition Synchronicity is my clock -box & statistic -I'm not unreasonable -because I await for the world to fit around me -opposed to fit-in & accept-in the world as it be Heavenly sent I'm a Goddess & Lyrical Terrorist -self plug-in my latest book called DIFFERENT by Melanie Layton me -aka Freelaylay -as I leave of here -half way through a sent...

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