One Of Many...

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One Of Many... Look I'm Not the Most Prolific of Poets -& EYE Don't Deliver-in an Over the Top Performance Style -but Like the Many Voices that came Be-For Me -& Shall Come Again -After Me -EYE also Got Some-Thing to Convey-in Words -as EYE Create-in Letters -Sound & Idioms -to Penetrate-in YOUr Mind -as EYE Stand-In Hear & Recite-In Line After Sentence -When Tell-In YOU -Why are YOU Even Listen-in to Me -Further-Moor -Who AM EYE -& what do EYE KNOW -as EYE HARRP-in on about Modified Weather -Man-Made -Religious Cons-Cept to Keep -US Divide-Dead -& What the Fricks Holy about War & Kill-in -this Hue-Man -Race to Self Destruction -seems to be the case -Well -Deep -as EYE Resonate-in Born This Way -EYE urge-in YOUr Spirit -to Follow-in What Feels Intrinsic-in Intuition -is your Link-in & Connect-in to the Powers that be -Natural -Weather YOU Call-In it Jah Allah Buddha God -It TRUEly Is ALL -ONE -Mo-Meant YOUr Alive & Live-in -When EYE Started This Poem -That Mo-Meant NOW Dead & Gone -WE Can't Re-Live or Re-Capture-in -Times Passed -YOUr Alive NOW -No Now -Now -NOW as Their Govern-Meant to Breed-in US -Yeah That's Polite For Fuck-In US Up -With its Shitstyem -Socially Engineer-in -& Designed To Confuse-in The Masses -The Lost & Blind-Dead -Tell-In Me -EYE Got One Month Black-His Story -When In #Truth -EYE Celebrate-In the Black -With-in -Me -Each & Everyday -EYE A-Wake-In Pride -A Power-Full Black Lesbian -Honest & Upfront -EYE Don't Perform-in Many Shows or Events -Along-Side The Show & Tell -Sheeple -Paint-in Words -& Pictures -EYE See -Real-Lies-In -Some-Thing Their Not -Like Me -Different -as Most of YOUr Act-In -Conscious -is Fakery -YOUr Mind Won't Hear-In -Me -Recite-In -The Same -Dry -Old Poem -Week After Month -In-Fact -YOUr Lucky -If YOUr Hear -Watch-In -Me -NOW -For EYE Live-In Spirit -& Soul -Witch -Is FREE -& The LAYLAY Part of Me -Is My Time-In Synchronicity -as EYE Write-in ONE Word -Mean-In Two -Double Meaning Sentences -& I'm Far -From Perfect -Just Try-In To Be -The Best -That EYE Can -Be -EYE KNOW -I'm Blessed -A Royal Goddess -& Sis-Star -Shine-In Bright -@ a Unique -Frequency -That's All -My Own -When In #Truth -There Is -Only ONE -#REAL -EYE Choose to Call It LOVE -or 528Hz -EYE Guess -It Just Deep-Ends-In -Where YOUr Vibrate-In @ -Above or Be-Low -As Many -& Maybe Some Hear -Tonight -Are Lost & Empty -Gap Fill-in Vessels -& Spiritual Vampires -For What Do YOU Do -For YOUr Individual Growth -& Ascension-In -a Collective -Uni-Verse-All -Spiral -Shh EYE Got a Secret £19.99 -& I'll Tell YOU An-Other Fact -#Truth is For #Real & FREE -& FREEDOM is So Much Moor -Than a State-In Mind -So To Each EveryONE Hear-In -This -Take-In Time -For YOUr Body Mind & Soul -Love-in YOUrSelf & Be-In FREE... #FreeOlogy aka Freelaylay @Youtube Twitter Soundcloud Facebook Itunes

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