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Let's count the gentlemen


(00:01)Throwing Muses - Bright Yellow Gun

taken from the Throwing Muses's ANTHOLOGY 2011 (album "University"1995)

(03:44)CUSTOMS - Minute For a Gentleman

from the album "Harlequins Of Love" 2011

(08:22)CUSTOMS - Harlequins

from the album "Harlequins Of Love" 2011

(11:40)Sons & Daughters - Rose Red

from the album "Mirror Mirror Mirror" 2011

(15:30)Alberta Cross - Ramblin' Home

from the EP "Rolling Thunder" 2011

(20:24)Extra Arms - Race to Sleep

from the album "In Parallel" 2011

(24:19)Real Estate - Easy

from the album "Days" 2011

(28:04)Stereophonics - Bank Holioday Monday

taken from "Done Again" reperfomance by Demonstrations /2011

Original album "Stereophonics - Pull The Pin" 2008

(31:42)Cuff The Duke - Count On Me

from the upcomg album "Morning Comes" 2011

(34:30)Jessica Albert - Lack Of Lake

mp3 single 2011

(37:00)Veronica Falls - Bad Feeling

from the album "VERONICA FALLS" 2011

(39:48)The Jezabels - Be A Star

mp3 single 2011

(44:41)Apes In the Orange Grove - Here Be Lions

from the album " We got Time" 2011

(47:07)Eugene McGuinness - Lion

mp3 single 2011

(50:00)The Rifles - Long Walk Back

(52:52)Leader Cheetah - Our Love

from the album "Lotus Skies" 2011

(56:55)Belle & Sebastian - Blue Eyes Of A Millionaire

bonus track on the album "Write About Love" 2010

Now we 'Re One ... In eVerLstInG PeaCe

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