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Numbers .. and numbers

and numbers

endless numbers

(00:01)DOM - Crazy Girl

Live at the Ace Hotel 20-10-2010

(03:06)Steve Wynn - This Strange Effect

from album " Sweetness & Light" 1997

(05:48)Bokomolech - bees

from the album "Insect (songs)" 1997

(10:32)Albert hammond Jr - Call an ambulance

from the album "Yours to Keep" 2006

(13:26)The Caseworker - Dormer

from the album " Letters from the coast" 2011

(16:49)Have Gun Will Travel - Keep It On Your Heart

from the album "Mergers & Acquisitions" 2011

(18:54)JAPE - Scorpio

from the album " Ocean Of Frequency" 2011

(22:05)Tokyo Police Club - South Side

(feat Morgan Kibby of M83White Sea)

from the album "10x10x10" 2011

(25:26)Several Girls Galore - A Lifetime

from the album " Cross This Wide Country" 2011

(27:44)Ryan McAllister - Winding Road

from the album " Music For a Rainy Town" 2011

(31:34)Vanish Valley - Slowdown

from the album " Get Good"

(36:03)The Walkabouts - The Dustlands

from album " Travels In The DustLand" 2011

(39:47)Phoebe Kildeer & The Short Straws - Innerquake

from the album " InnerQuake" 2011

(43:06)Butcher The Bar - Sign Your Name

from the album " For each a uture Tethered" 2011

(46:08)ENEOI - Teleftaia Fora!/eneoi

(49:48)Agries Fraoules - Noumera

from the album " Athinagoras PLAZA" 2011

(53:10)Elliot Brood - Hold You

from the album "Days Into Years" 2011

(57:45)Bon Iver - Michicant

from the album "Bon Iver" 2011

Now We're One ... In eVerLastIng PeaCe..

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