Transforming Relationships Through Restorative Justice | Ted Wallach

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On this episode of Far Out with Faust, movie director turned life coach Ted Wallach returns to talk about transforming relationships through restorative justice and ancient shamanic traditions.
Wallach, who’s been on the podcast three times (episodes 12 & 20), spent years working in Hollywood with power players like Martin Scorsese. He’s a Visiting Scholar at Stanford University Peace Innovation Lab. He shares with Faust the story of how he was fired from his high profile job as the first creative director of the infamous Wework — and how experiences like that inspired him to create a podcast and book called How to Get Fired.
Wallach is a self-proclaimed listening coach and circle keeper — a facilitator of an ancient and profound healing tradition known as circle. Listen as he explains to Faust what keeping circles means: the concepts, the rules and most importantly, the potential of circle to radically transform individuals and society.
Don’t miss Wallach’s insightful and brilliant analogy explaining the difference between Newtonian and quantum theory. Or his powerful account of how Desmond Tutu used restorative justice to build forgiveness among soldiers and mothers, as detailed in The Book of Joy.
What’s Wallach’s latest venture? A tech collab with former 23andMe lead developer (and podcast episode 35 guest) Bo Lopker. Dubbed Totem, the two are taking the best of technology and using it to actually build community — as opposed to the apps that Wallach calls “anti-social media.”
Stay tuned as Wallach offers up some truly compelling advice about our true purpose in life — how to find it, embrace it, and embody it. Hear why some people may be living in a builder cage without even realizing it.
Don’t miss the most important mission we all have as humans. Oh — and his wise (and extremely funny) advice for married couples.
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