Miracle Mindset Frees Mexican Prisoners | Veronica & Sonia

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On this episode of the Far Out with Faust podcast, we hear how the teachings and meditation techniques of Dr. Joe Dispenza radically transformed the mindset of a group of some of the hardest female Mexican prisoners in the country. We meet Give to Give Foundation representatives Veronica Ontiveros and Sonia Pena, who volunteered to visit women in the Mexican prison to try to help rehabilitate and bring positive change to the lives of female convicts living in some of the worst conditions imaginable.
Hear the incredible stories of when Veronica and Sonia first meet the prisoners: the intimidating and complicated protocols for entering the penitentiary, the deplorable and inhumane living conditions, and the tragic stories of the incarcerated women.
Learn how little by little, the female prisoners responded to the science behind the workshop’s guiding principles, inspired by neuroscience and meditation pioneer Dr. Joe Dispenza. Time for a reality check: these women had no access to the comforts of home — let alone the technology we take for granted to facilitate any type of mindfulness practice.
Don’t miss the unbelievable story of Veronica and Sonia’s follow-up visit, weeks after the workshop had ended. Spoiler alert: the prisoners didn’t even know they were coming. What happened next was truly shocking.
This is a podcast about the power of the human mind, the resilience of the human spirit, and the inalienable right to freedom, no matter who — or where — we are.

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