Make Depression the Best Thing to Ever Happen to You | Kyle Nicolaides

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Rock star singer/guitarist of the band @BewareOfDarkness Beware of Darkness and author of Thank God for Depression, Kyle Nicolaides, shares his journey of self discovery on episode 91 of the Far Out with Faust podcast.
Kyle is a top 10 Billboard songwriter and performer, leading the band Beware of Darkness for over a decade, appearing on Conan, at the Reading and Leeds Festival, garnering a top-five rock hit and 35 million streams worldwide. His band performed with some of the top acts in the world, including Smashing Pumpkins and Jane’s Addiction.
But throughout it all, Kyle had a secret: he was quietly battling debilitating depression.
Hear how Kyle finally came to terms with his mental health condition, and the unconventional remedy that quite possibly saved his life. Hint: listen in as he and Faust dive down deep into the mystical power of the ancient plant medicine, ayahuasca.
Kyle talks in depth about not only his personal journey with depression, but the practical advice he’s collected in his book. He presents readers with myriad options for turning depression into a tool for exploration, self awareness, and positive transformation.
His advice is exquisitely simple, compassionate, and completely without judgment.
Stay till the end, when Faust takes Kyle far out. Hear about the time a spirit infiltrated his dreams at Thanksgiving — and the subsequent energy healing ceremony — with revelations that will blow your mind.
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